Course Syllabus

Wire-Wrapped Loop Bracelet & Earri

Number of sessions: 1, 3.0 hours each
Course Fee: $0


Maximum 10 Minimum 1

Let's Wrap!  In this workshop you'll learn how to connect beads to each other using Wire-wrapped Loops alone, or in combination with Simple-Loops, to make a Wrapped Bracelet and pair of Earrings. 



  1. In this Workshop you will learn how to:
  3. 1. Use round & bent-nose pliers to make wire-Wrapped Beaded Loops.
  4. 2. Connect wire-Wrapped Beaded Loops alone to each other, or in combination with Simple Loops, to make a Bracelet.  
  5. 3. Make a pair of Earrings, using simple & wire-wrapped Loops.