Course Syllabus


Number of sessions: 2, 6.0 hours each
Course Fee: $145 (Gold Member Fee: $135)


Maximum 12 Minimum 5

This is Not a class for the very Beginner

We will work on subjects such as;

* How a limited color palette can be all you need to get started in painting *How to set up your supplies and get started painting for pleasure *Learn what all the products do for you and how to use them *Understanding how composition and planning will give you a good result *Helpful tips for starting and finishing a piece of art

*The class will be limited in size so that everyone participates and learns equally. Everyone will paint their own subject matter that they have personally chosen!!



  1. This course will focus on opening up the world of painting in a FUN & RELAXED atmosphere.
  2. No stress, no anxiety
  3. This adventure is about experimenting, practicing, learning & laughing. Two FULL days with Renee!This is Not for the very beginner