Course Syllabus

Flowing Encaustic Art

Number of sessions: 1, 3.0 hours each
Course Fee: $110 (Gold Member Fee: $100)


Maximum 12 Minimum 5

Instructor: Gail Wagner & Rich

Thursday Feb 23, 2023 1-4 PM



  1. The ancient Greeks used wax to both protect and beautify their wood. Today, through similar but more advanced techniques, we can create gorgeous art using bees wax, damar resin and pigments. Come to this class and let us introduce you to a whole new world of fascinating art. We will be creating a piece of art on a wood cradle board with the use of wax, resin, pigment and torches. You will be guided through each step and we will answer your questions and help you. You will receive as much guidance as you need. We teach this with a step by step instruction method and safety is a first priority.
  2. Prior to the hands on learning, you will be given clear verbal and written instructions. You will be provided with everything you need to be successful. All materials are provided by us. If you want to embed something in your piece (like a saying or pressed flower or picture, feel free to bring it. We will also have a small selection of things for you to use if you wish.
  3. This technique is amazing by itself but can also be successfully integrated into multimedia pieces. It is very versatile and some artists us it next to resin, or as part of a larger multimedia piece and, of course, by itself. We are certain that you will learn a lot and that you will leave with a nice piece of art and a big smile.
  4. Rich and I started sharing our favorite forms of art with others for fun, in small groups, on his porch four years ago. We soon outgrew that space and decided to do something more formal. We formed a business called Gail Rich Art and have taught in Prescott and Surprise over the past four years. We teach an array of art classes at Ground Floor Art Gallery, in Surprise and now at Grand. We are honored to have the opportunity to share our love of art with others. Thank you for having us.
  5. Learn how to safely prepare and maintain heated wax for painting.
  6. Learn how to apply and wax to a board and smooth it
  7. Learn how to use a heat gun safely, move and seal your wax with it and compose a design.
  8. Learn to integrate other materials and use tools and dyes with wax
  9. Learn how to finish your piece and care for it