Course Syllabus

Underwater FantaSEA Watercolors

Number of sessions: 1, 3.0 hours each
Course Fee: $55 (Gold Member Fee: $45)


Maximum 10 Minimum 4

Brand New Painters and those who want to brush up on Watercolor - Let’s create a painting about the beautiful creatures under sea with water and SALTS.

I will do a quick demonstration of each step of the painting, so you know exactly what to do. Then you’ll be ready to do it yourself. You’ll be supported with individual assistance if you want help with any step. In addition to going step by step, samples will be provided for your reference. You can customize your painting while learning some transfer techniques allowing you to paint almost any subject you’d like in the future. Enjoy valuable methods to take with you as you start to grow into the medium. At the end of the class… Voila! You will take away your Watercolor Painting! You may even want to buy a frame.

This course is for people who have never touched a brush (!!), inexperienced (I’d-Like-To-Try-it-again) painters, and those painters who are looking for a different way to paint with fun results.



  1. Find out a few ways to make your own drawings so you can paint any subject.
  2. Learn valuable Watercolor Techniques and different salt properties.
  3. Discover you have abilities you didn’t know about!
  4. Take home a finished Watercolor Painting
  5. Have Fun; Get excited about Watercolor
  6. I look forward to PAINTING WITH YOU!
  7. Let’s see all the varieties that come out of this!