Course Syllabus

ColorTheory and Mixing Oil

Number of sessions: 1, 7.0 hours each
Course Fee: $85 (Gold Member Fee: $75)


Maximum 12 Minimum 6

Using this method will save hundreds of dollars over time, replace mountains of paint tubes from different manufacturers, and set the artist on the way to mastering color temperature, values, and intensity. Students can say goodbye to purchasing black, yellow ochre, sap green, violet, turquoise and hundreds of other paint colors! Note: It is imperative to purchase the exact oil colors given in the supply list. It is also imperative to use the same brand of paint. (I recommend Utrecht Studio Series.) Please do NOT bring any color that says “hue” on the label. Using any paint that isn’t pure won’t produce the desired results.



  1. This relaxing, one-day class for oil painters is designed to give the artist a really useful method of color mixing to achieve consistent, harmonious paintings. Color Theory doesn’t need to be complicated nor involve lengthy charts to consult. Learn how to use only six oil colors (plus white) to create every color of paint previously purchased one tube at a time.