Course Syllabus


Number of sessions: 1, 3.0 hours each
Course Fee: $35 (Gold Member Fee: $25)


Maximum 10 Minimum 4

This Try Me class is for anyone who has never used oil pastels and those who may have but it was so long ago you barely remember.

Oil pastels have been around for 100 years but many are not familiar with them. They are a fun, vibrant medium and easy to work with, no dust, and no hazardous materials used.


  1. Learn the history of oil pastels and the difference between them and soft pastels
  2. - Get hands on experience with different types and qualities of oil pastels
  3. - Practice manipulating the oil pastel with the only tool you would ever need
  4. - Express your unique style in a new medium
  5. - HAVE FUN!