Course Syllabus

Bougainvillea Glass Painting

Number of sessions: 1, 4.0 hours each
Course Fee: $65 (Gold Member Fee: $55)


Maximum 20 Minimum 4

Instructor: April Heller

Monday Feb 27, 2023 1-5 PM

Acrylic painting on floating frame glass art. Bougainvillea botanical art!

Spring blooms are on the way...let's start painting!

This class is for the first timer and experienced Acrylic artists "How to" paint on glass! Painting glass is a new technique with Acrylic enamel based paints to personalize your art piece. You do not need to be a professional to create beautiful glass paintings. This technique can also be applied to mirrors and it dries in 20 minutes! A botanical art image will be provided to trace and paint onto the glass. Go from opaque to bold for a 3 dimensional effect!



  1. Take your art home ready to hang and display your artwork.