Course Syllabus

Charcoal 201/301 April

Number of sessions: 2, 3.0 hours each
Course Fee: $70 (Gold Member Fee: $60)


Maximum 12 Minimum 5

Steve’s charcoal rendering class is intended for those who are at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level. He will demonstrate various tools and techniques for charcoal renderings. The class will work on a subject provided by the instructor or student with hopes of completing the rendering in a one-day workshop. He will provide a subject to correct size to transfer to working surface. His approach to this subject matter for this class allows his students to learn a new, fast, fun and effective approach. He will give a demo during the first hour of the class.

Know in advance the size of mat and frame you are going to use so that the outer perimeter of working area can be marked and taped off for easy removal. Suggestion: a 11 x 14 in. outer mat size which has a 7.5 x 9.5 inside mat area. Image transfer should be done prior to coming to class to save valuable time. Steve will have several different subjects available to work from if needed. If you need assistance in scanning your selected subject to proper size and the initial tracing, Steve will do it for a small fee in his studio in advance of the class. Any person wishing to volunteer to pose for the one-hour demo will receive the portrait free for volunteering or can choose to allow Steve to take it back to his studio to refine and frame (5-7 hours). The framed size would be 14 x 17 for $125.00. Steve can be reached at 847-637-3067 or by e-mail

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  1. To become familiar with all drawing tools and techniques and complete a rendering in a one-day workshop.