Course Syllabus

Drawing Faces 1

Number of sessions: 4, 3.0 hours each
Course Fee: $80 (Gold Member Fee: $70)


Maximum 12 Minimum 8

Drawing people’s faces starts with learning how to construct a proportional head from the front, side and three- quarter views. Using photos at first as the source, instruction is given in how to arrive at those views in a structural fashion based on the anatomy of the head and the human skull. Three dimensional busts are used to get the student used to working from the solid form and the final week utilizes a living model.



  1. The philosophy behind this entire set of drawing courses is to place an emphasis on being able to render three-dimensional form convincingly on paper without having to rely on copying photographs. Though photos are used in the early stages of each course, an attempt is made to give the students an understanding of the process of drawing to eventually enable them to create anything they want out of their heads. All the courses use a considerable number of printed handouts to explain procedures and techniques, provide examples and to inspire effort outside the classroom; and in the end, provide the student with a reference handbook that can be referred to after the course is over. The main emphasis is on practice, much in the way learning to play a musical instrument is taught. Consequently, homework is given and expected to be completed. What is gained from these classes is entirely dependent on the time and effort put in.