Course Syllabus

Drawing Animals

Number of sessions: 4, 3.0 hours each
Course Fee: $80 (Gold Member Fee: $70)


Maximum 12 Minimum 8

Having had Drawing 1 and 2 or equivalent background is necessary for this

class. Using photo references in the beginning to learn how to establish

baseline proportions for cats and dogs first, the student is given

anatomical information on bone and muscle location to enhance his or her

knowledge of animal construction.  It is important that the student

understand the principles of constructive drawing.   Replicant skeletons of

a cat and dog are brought in to draw from. For practice, the student is

encouraged to draw from their own pet or attend local zoos. Numerous small

life-like toy animals are brought in to draw from as well to encourage the

ability to transfer three-dimensional life to the flat surface of drawing



  1. "Constructive" drawing is what was taught in Dwg 1 and 2; that is, building
  2. shapes from simple geometric forms to the final contours which are rendered
  3. last before shading. This is opposite of "edge drawing" which is what most
  4. people start out doing and need to break the habit. The "baseline" approach
  5. is like an imaginary wire armature establishing the joints and proportions
  6. of the body and limbs.