Course Syllabus

The Joy of Alcohol Ink by Lesley Co

Number of sessions: 1, 3.0 hours each
Course Fee: $55 (Gold Member Fee: $45)


Maximum 8 Minimum 4

You have more than likely heard about this ink, seen  some art and had a desire to try it. This class will provide all the materials and tools necessary to learn techniques to create scenes of the desert, mountains, cactus and more, your choice. The instructor will guide you step by step. The inks are bright, cheerful and move in ways that will surprise and encourage you. We will be working with several 6" tiles and some 4" tiles. Just bring your happy self to class...EVERYTHING is provided.



  1. 1. Learn interesting techniques and tools to control the ink!
  2. 2.  Have fun and discover your natural.   creative instincts!
  3. 3. Be free and let your creativity shine!