Course Syllabus

PASTELS! New Encouragement for You!

Number of sessions: 4, 3.0 hours each
Course Fee: $90 (Gold Member Fee: $80)


Maximum 10 Minimum 6

Get more confidence, more info, more pleasure with this lovely, vibrant medium! You must have some experience with pastel

(this is not a beginner class). Work on a subject of your choice, from your photo references– landscapes, florals, still life… You can begin a work in class or bring one you’ve already begun. Dodie will have photos for you if you need them. You may bring one other completed work for critique if you like.

Dodie Ballantine has made a living doing Portraits, mostly of children. In Pastels, her favorite Medium. Loves teaching, with the goal of elevating your art.



  1. Get more GLOW in your pastels more LIFE in your work, more POP in your colors.ENJOY doing pastels more
  2. SEE your colors better