Course Syllabus

Florals in Pastel

Number of sessions: 3, 3.0 hours each
Course Fee: $75 (Gold Member Fee: $65)


Maximum: 12 Minimum:6

Day 1 Lighting is an important element to consider when planning a painting. The way light travels across objectswill add mood, give context, provide interestin your art.Objectives Day1: Lights -Camera -Photographs1.Arrange lights and photograph eachof these formats:•Aback lit format•Side lit formats(both left and right) •A front lit format2.Sketch two thumbnails from two different angles.3.Make a warm study from the thumbnails.4.Make a cool study from the thumbnails.

Day 2

If you let the large value masses carry the painting,you will create a painting with greater interest and drama. Every representational painting has a subject but concentrating on the subject may create a painting that gets buried in detail. Objectives Day 2: Value Masses –Not Subjects1.Using the reference photographs taken by the participants, select a grayscale photograph with the best value masses.2.Create a no-tan of this selected photograph.3.Evaluate the no-tan and complete a 4 to 6 value sketch of the image. This sketch will consist of large value shapes creating a road map for the painting.4.Draw the large value shapes identified in the sketch on sanded pastel paper.

5.Using hard pastels, block in the large shapes using the correct value.6.Continue defining the painting using hard pastels. (another layer or two)

Day 3

Laid down in a raw manner, colors can easily appear isolated from one another, producing a discordant painting. Using the technique of layering colors to address this issue creates a painting that dances with color.Objectives Day 3: Layering Soft Pastels –Warm and Cool1.Study a warm and cool color chart. –identify warm and cool colors. Then look at the concept of warmer than or cooler than. 2.Starting with darkest values,layer pastel in warm and cool layers using the value studies as a guide



  1. Goal:The goal for this course is to provide participants with the opportunity to light, photograph, draw, and complete a “Still Life” painting. The medium that will be used to complete the painting will be pastel.