Course Syllabus

Beginning Acrylic Painting

Number of sessions: 1, 7.0 hours each
Course Fee: $55 (Gold Member Fee: $45)


Maximum 10 Minimum 4 You may bring a non-copy written picture as inspiration for you painting. Greeting cards, calendars, and pictures in magazines and books are copy written and are illegal to use. You may use still life objects that the teacher will bring to class.

If you have not drawn a particular object, the teacher will show you have to draw the object.

NOTE: The teacher will help you with your painting, if you wish, but will not work on or touch your painting.



  1. Would you like to paint with acrylics? In this two session workshop you will learn everything you need to produce an acrylic painting. You will also have an opportunity to produce one or more acrylic paintings of your choice.